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Step To a Million (STAM)

An organisation that has the best platform to turn your situation around

What is our purpose

STAM is about planning you future, helping individuals to start or expanding existing businesses.

Why People Join STAM

Making 1 million might seem like an impossible goal — but STAM has made it simple for you. Learn more


Completed Funding Projects

If you’re looking to grow your business to take it to the next level, you may very well need funding that enables you to execute on your business plans.


Happy Clients

Like any large goal, breaking the steps into manageable pieces can increase your chance of success and join the list of Happy Clients, Login


Annual Growth

If your business has its daily running costs covered, taking a first Step with Step To a Million (STAM) may be the solution you need to grow.


Our Awards

STAM is a path full of success to design your success. With multiple awards for our members such as the Ambassador of Network Marketing.

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Are you planning to expand your business, growth finance that’s right for your company can help you take advantage of new opportunities and make your ambitions a reality Start here

How It Works

Board Plan is also known as 2X2 Matrix Cycle, it always follows the sponsor Board/Matrix Cycle. It is a unique system that makes your victory certain. You benefit from all the board members. Learn more

When to get paid

Once you joined this Cycle Plan, a blank board will be allotted and required to fill a few columns of only 04 people. The commission is rewarded with the completion of the Board. Join Now

STAM is busy promoting self employed people through this proven system

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Why customers choose us

STAM is about planning you future, helping individuals to start or expanding existing businesses.!

  • Our phone is always answered by a real person. We know you want to talk to us, so you’ll get straight through to an adviser.
  • We work to exceed consumer expectations and aim to establish long-term relationships with our customers.
  • We help our customers make more joining and get the most return on their efforts: sales assistance, personalised training, showroom design, point of sale assessments, catalogues, videos, etc.
  • We have Passion  and Creativity about the clients business and being a part of their growth
  • Reliable from beginning to end,
  • Affordable sign Up fees, pay once and continue earning from every one effort
  • Receive gift products each and every time you do sign up
Yolanda Adekunle

My true life testimony by Ambassador Yolanda.
About five (6) years ago I was still struggling and trying to know which personal business to do. For five (5) years, I did not go home, my father changed my name to “Olaniyi”, although a yoruba name, but when translated in Igbo language it means “wasted”, “useless” child. My mates got married and built houses while I was strategizing. I never allowed my background to put my back-on-the-ground. I kept struggling until Komotso who is now in London introduced me to different clubs and MLM organisations, although I got some cash rewards, gifts and trips, I finally moved to STAM ( Step To A Million ),  In some months later I was rewarded with a brand new car and $11,9240, my life changed, I could not believe it, Joining STAM made me to count millions, my network was made of hard working people, the effort of one, was the benefit of all.

Yolanda Adekunle / Ambassader - STAM.

Some Successful Members



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